Feedback an Ultimaker

Feedback an Ultimaker

Heute haben wir Ultimaker das bei der Lieferung des Ultimaker 2 erbetene Feedback geliefert. Wir wollen euch das nicht vorenthalten. Für einmal in Englisch, Google Übersetzer ist euer Freund, falls ihr Deutsch unserem tollen Englisch vorzieht.

Ultimaker 2

Hi Sander
Thank you for the wonderful printer you sent me! I printed 3 objects till now and I’m very happy in general with the machine. Let me answer your questions:

1) In what condition did the UM2 arrive at your doorstep?
   What do you think of the way it was packed?

The box had a hole when it arrived at my office, but as far as I can see now, the UM2 was not damaged by this. I think the UM2 should be shipped mounted on a small Euro pallet to make sure it will travel as safe as possible. I think you could raise the shipping costs for that without any problem. Or use a wooden box or thicker walls for the box. See

2) What did you think of the manual?
   Did everything make sense?
   Was it easy to understand?
   Do you miss anything?

The manual was missing in the box. As an experienced Ultimaker user, I was able to get on the support site and download and print the manual. But this is not really nice, to start without a manual. There was a mistake on the unboxing sheet, and in the manual, because the axes were only secured by 2 cable ties instead of 4. There’s also missing the step to mount the glass plate. Please provide manuals in different languages! There’s also the open case of a missing power cord for Switzerland, I already mentioned when ordering my first Ultimaker Original more than a year ago. See

3) What was your first impression when you turned it on?
   What was your first experience when you used the UM2?
   After the bed leveling, did it work right out of the box?

The first run wizard is described in a very confusing way. Please fix this! And also provide some calibration piece that measures the needed 1 mm gap to level the bed in the first steps. I was a little anxious when I turned the printer on for the first time, or lets better say before I turned it on. Not sure what the printer will do when it’s turned on. For me the printer needs some soft-switch to ensure people that only turning it on by hitting the switch on the back doesn’t make the printer to boot up. Sadly, the UM-Robot was missing on the SD-Card, so we had to fire up Cura first to slice a model to print. There was only the test calibration thing on the SD-Card and we didn’t want to print that one. For our first print see

4) Prior, during and after the order, what is your general feeling?
   Is there anything else you think I should know?

As you already know, the order was not processed correctly the first time. Still not sure if the credit card will not be charged twice… then I had to wait too long to get the printer. But that’s also no news for you. Thank you for the gift card and the filament that you sent as an excuse. One thing I think would be really needed is a comparison between the two printers on the Ultimaker website. And once more I point to the big need, that Ultimaker staff, especially support and sales need to get active on social media (G+, Google group, Facebook, Twitter) instead of youmagine or Ultimaker forum. The only one doing this enough is Daid Braam to my eyes. And his activity changed a lot in customer relations, even if he’s working in another department at Ultimaker. And please use the network, in special the fablabs for promoting your valuable printers.

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